28 June 2018

Amrapali takes Bollywood to Precious

Samnora AB has gained Amrapalis’ confidence to market their jewellery in the Nordic market. Amrapali has a long history of jewellery made with ancient Indian traditions with a modern design. Amprali is a family-owned jewellery company with roots in the ancient royal city of Jaipur. Amrapali has been a great part of Bollywood and also Hollywood. Celebrities like Meryl Streep, Shakira, Oprah, Beyonce and Rihanna wear their jewellery.

“Last year we visited Precious and got a very good impression of the fair. Now we hope that we will make many new contacts with retailers from the Nordic countries”, says Prashant Singh at Samnora.

In their booth there will be a mix of vibrant and colorful jewelry, and they offer a wide range of, mostly handmade, jewellery. There will also be some signature pieces on display.

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