09 August 2018

A tribute to women

The Danish jewellery brand Izabel Camille celebrates its 10 year’s anniversary. Due to this special occasion, designer Kamille Østergaard has produced a special edition of her popular EVERYDAY earrings. She has also developed a unique jubilee collection inspired by everyday life and the love of the women in her life.

The jubilee collection, which will be presented at Precious, is a tribute the heroines we meet through life. Our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and colleagues. All the beautiful and wise women who inspire us every day to do our best.

“My jewellery is created together with all the people that surround me. For me, it’s important to share the creative process and the development of my company with my family and with everyone else who makes a difference for me and Izabel Camille”, says Kamille Østergaard.

Izabel Camille, together with a wide range of brands, will be presented in Optura’s stand at Precious.

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