05 June 2018

Precious Talents 2018: AndPash

AndPash is a breakthrough company that stands for Passion, Swarm and Love, the company was founded by Anna Spånberg. Inspiration is often taken from the countryside where she grew up, in a small town surrounded by the mountains and forest in Sweden in Dalecarlia. 

The jewellery project and the start for the company came through Anna’s creativity and interest for nature combined with her work as an active clothing designer and her studies at Beckmans college of design. Beside her own company she works for the fashion brand JOFAMA. With AndPash, Anna don’t want to follow trends, she wants to create trends with her customers – and challenge the boundaries between what is fashion and art, between urban and rural.

“AndPash has not been created primarily for profit, we want to explore artistry and generate maximum outflow for creativity and passion for design. I felt that the market was missing craft with soul, a need I wanted to fill”, says Anna.


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