13 July 2018

Precious Talents 2018: La Terra

La Terra means “The Earth”. It symbolizes the place from which we draw materials and inspiration; the base on which art is formed by our imagination, and shaped by our hands.

La Terra traces its conceptual roots to the combination of contemporary architectural design principles with delicate traditional gold and silversmithing techniques. Each piece draws inspiration from how objects interact with our bodies to form personal statements, or tell the stories of who we are and where we are going.

The brand was founded by Anahita Poura, an Iranian designer with a background in architecture and interior design. While living in Milano, Italy her passion for jewelry and fashion grew into the brand concept of La Terra.

”Traces of my Persian heritage alongside with the love of minimalistic lifestyle and the boldness of Italian designs can be seen in different parts of La Terra jewellery”, tells Anahita.
“Each piece is hand-crafted with care in Sweden with attention to details to embrace timeless simplicity.”

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