02 August 2018

Precious Talents 2018: PHINE

The brand’s name, PHINE, is cleverly derived from a mixture of mathematical principle and artistic form. In mathematics, the ratio 1:1.618 is referred to as the Golden Ratio of numerical beauty. This number 1.618 is also known as PHI.

With a love of precious metal from an early age paired with her great grandfather being a silversmith for the Swedish Church, Swedish born designer Elina Faurschou felt PHINE was a perfect fit for the brand as it represented gold, beauty and geometric art forms.
Strongly influenced by classic minimalistic Scandinavian design traditions, PHINE set out to fill a void in the market creating, powerful and sassy jewellery collections that don’t compromise on quality or craftsmanship.

“We want our jewellery to inspire style conscious women and men around the world, leaving them feeling empowered to push boundaries and achieve anything”, says Elina.

Currently based in London, all PHINE pieces are crafted by hand, giving each piece a unique identity. All pieces are very versatile giving the wearer options to mix, match, adapt, add or remove parts to create their own signature style perfect for any occasion. The PHINE brand also strives to effect change.


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