09 August 2018

Precious Talents 2018: Silversmith Karolin Ohlsson

Karolin Ohlsson’s passion in life is to create her dreams in silver. She is inspired by the nature and she lets her imagination form silver with an organic touch.

“When I don’t shape silver in my atelier, I represent the Swedish national team in orienteering – a sport held in forest, and where I find a lot of inspiration for my creation as well”, explains Karolin.
Karolin Ohlsson’s motto is that no dream is unreachable as long as you´re willing to fight for it. Since her childhood she has been inspired by her grandfather, the silver artist Olle Ohlsson, who taught her to think outside the box and find her own path in life. Since 2010 Karolin has been his apprentice , and also two years with the goldsmith Tomas Andreae as mentor.  She is also educated as silversmith, chaser and stoneputter. Now she shares a studio her grandfather at Mosebacke in Stockholm.

“I create unique jewellery and sculptures in silver where I use old techniques with a modern design. Silversmith Karolin Ohlsson stands for quality and wild fantasy. When you see my art you get a feeling it´s growing, and this hard material feels alive.”

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