20 June 2018

Precious Talents 2018: BAIAE

BAIAE is a new brand for exclusive men’s jewellery. The company was founded in 2017 by the spouses Anne and Fredrik Lichtenstein. Fredrik has previous experience in the sales of jewelry and men’s fashion and also holds a Master in Fashion Management from the Swedish School of Textiles. Anne has creative artistic background and has worked a lot with photo, text and video.

BAIAE’s jewellery consists exclusively of precious metals and diamonds as well as leather. The design is masculine, symmetrical and precise, bold and expressive. The combination of precious metals, diamonds and leather creates a luxurious feeling with a lot of attitude.

“We work with both 18K and 21K in both yellow gold and rose gold and 950 platinum. We only use natural diamonds in our pieces. The leather is of the finest lamb nappa from Italy”, tell the founders of BAIAE.

The name BAIAE comes from the ancient Roman city of Baiae, which sank 500 years ago and is now 20 meters below sea level off the coast of the Gulf of Naples. Baiae was the Roman Las Vegas, with an abundance of luxury and entertainment, where the elite of Rome came to live their dreams.. What happened in Baiae, stayed in Baiae.

“Hence, we want to pay tribute to the conscious modern man who dares to be himself and dare to express himself!”

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