21 August 2018

Premiere for new line at Sägen

By autumn 2018, Sägen will expand its popular Swedish Grace collection with a new deep blue line of elegant silver and gold-plated porcelain jewellery. As always, it is handmade and made from recycled porcelain and sterling silver. The collection will be presented on Precious and will be released at the end of September at the store.

“We continue to work with the Swedish porcelain manufacturer Rörstrand and we have moved the color “Midnatt” (Midnight) in their classic Swedish Grace series from the dinner tables to the jewellery boxes. The collection consists of a ring, a bracelet, a necklace and earrings in silver and gold plated silver”, says Elin Sigrén at Sägen.

There are also two larger statement pieces, “Midnatt Skimra Earrings” and “Midnatt Skimra Necklace” - for the more daring customers and for festive occasions. Earrings and necklace with more porcelain, more silver and sparkling stones.

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