28 August 2018

Star of Sweden with gift concept

Star of Sweden is a fast growing Swedish jewellery brand with custom designed gift boxes. With the innovative gift concept and the Carry Yourself collection, they offer a complete packaged gift. The jewellery comes with a designed box with a quote and a gift letter with a message with the qualities of the wearer. The gift letter explains the meaning behind the chosen color of the stone and the wearer’s personality.

Star of Sweden’s motto is: Beauty comes from within. They let the customer choose color, and then they offer a unique shopping experience.  A jewellery from Star of Sweden will symbolize your personality and who you are.

“This is our first time at Precious and we are incredibly excited to see what opportunities it will bring. We want to reach a broader target group and create collaborations with new players in the Swedish market, “says Malin Andrén at Star of Sweden. “We will showcase our new jewellery collection – new gift boxes with brand new quotes, and our new display boxes that make it even easier to present the gift concept in the store, in order to increase sales.”

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