06 September 2018

TRIWA x Humanium Metal

At Precious, Triwa will present TRIWA x Humanium Metal. It’s a watch made of melted illegal weapons. The watch was released on 19 June at Kickstarter,  and is since then sold over 2000 copies for over SEK 5 million.

With Humanium Metal, the human rights organization IM has launched an award-winning project to collect and merge illegal weapons into metal in order to raise funds that will contribute to positive development in the affected countries. TRIWA is first out with a watch made in this metal.

“Not in our wildest fantasy we could imagine the fantastic response we have received. Now we are looking forward to offer our Swedish customers these products”, says Ludvig Scheja, creative director at TRIWA. “The watch industry is very focused on status and precious metals. With TRIWA x Humanium Metal we work with the most precious of all metals and have developed a product with a strong symbol value, which also helps to make the world more peaceful.”

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