30 August 2018

Von Doren with a Nordic touch

Designed in Norway and manufactured in Switzerland. The watch label Von Doren, founded in 2016 by Öyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen, exhibits at Precious for the first time and gives classic watchmaking a subtle Nordic touch.

Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen is a watch collector whose passion began at the age of 12 when he got his grandfather’s watch. After a career as a filmmaker, he has finally fulfilled his dream of creating his own watch brand.

“With our strongest model Grandmaster II, we show that we are a serious player,” explains the founder. “There is room for an independent Norwegian brand.”

The name, Grandmaster II, is the highest award a chess player can get, and the inspiration comes from one of Von Doren Asbjørnsen’s films about the chess world champion Magnus Carlsen.

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