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The most promising stars in the Nordic watch and jewellery industry.

Precious Talents is a competition that rewards innovative and creative talents in the Nordic watch and jewellery industry. A jury selects a small number of firms that are invited to exhibit their collections at the upcoming Precious, free of charge.

– Since Precious wants to help the future profiles of the industry, it is very pleasing that the interest in the competition increases every year, says Project Manager Åsa Axelson. It clearly shows that this is a business with ideas and creativity as well as enterprising spirit and high ambitions. It is particularly exiting that we now have a truly Nordic forum for future talents with applications from our neighbour countries. This is entirely in line with Precious as the meeting ground for the Nordic watch and jewellery industry.

During the year the follows the event, the Precious Talents also have the opportunity to compete for the Precious Talent of the Year Award.

Application criteria for Precious Talents 2019:
• The firm should be active in the watch and jewellery industry and have a tax registration
• The firm has been registered for a maximum of 2 years
• The firm is active in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden
• Unique designs produced in-house are preferred to mass-produced imports.

The selected Precious Talents 2019 will receive the following, free of charge:
• A stand of approximately 4 sq. metres. 
• The stand includes stand walls, carpeting, spotlights and power connections. 
• Training in excellent booth-behaviour techniques
• Presentation in our newsletter, Precious News
• Presentation in our social media

Last day for application to Precious Talents 2019 is March 31.

Precious Talent of the Year

Prestigious industry award

Each year, a limited number of Precious Talents receives the opportunity to participate in the fair and to make connections within the business. During the year that follows, it is up to the participants to develop their skills and to leverage their opportunities to compete for the prestigious title Precious Talent of the Year.

The jury pays particular consideration to the design, products, craftmanship, business strategy and market success during the year that has passed. In addition to the honor and a fabulous glass statuette, the winner receives an full stand at Precious and a year of free PR at the Swedish Fashion Council.

Precious Talents 2018
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Precious Talents 2016
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Sparv Accessories -
Feswa -
Lina Lundberg Jewellery -
holpp -
BOW label -
Precious Talents 2015
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Tove Örnberger -
Agne Design
Nordenstam -
mumbaistockholm -
Qvist Jewellery -
Anna Siivonen Art -
Precious Talents 2014
Hieno Jewels -
Get Bli Design -
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Cort Koppel -
Shieldmaid -
Patrik Hansson / Jewellery -
Langaeble Stockholm -
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Precious Talents 2013
Precious Talents 2012
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Anna Rolfsdotter Jewelry -
Bedazzled -
Susanne Burelo Design -
Able By Ståhl -
birgitta maria viktoria -
Precious Talents Höst 2011
Elena Gloria -
Eva Herman Design -
JoJ Design -
Lena Wahlman -
Laakso Jewellery ML Silver -
Sägen -
Memories of Sweden -
Precious Talents Vår 2011
Lena & Fredrik -
Erika Tubbin -
Ateljé Johanna E -
See You On Saturday 
Rubber -

2018: AndeliusGribbe

The jury’s motivation:

”The 2018 Precious Talent of the Year goes to two women with incredible drive and great ambition. Their focus is on Aesthetic design and sustainable strategies throughout the production process. With integrity and courage, they invest in worthwhile and important collaborations where good working conditions are central. They share the fruits of their success, donating 10% of their profits to charities for women worldwide. By wearing jewellery from this year’s Precious Talent of the Year winner, you are contributing to helping those in need.”



The jury’s motivation: 
“This year’s winner of the Precious Talent of the Year award for 2017 has in an innovative way found a new group of products in jewellery. A smart way to make a dazzling impression on the fashion world, with stylish, modern designs that appeal to both women and men of all ages. The winner demonstrates a curiosity for new materials, and a passion for organisations for the needy.”

2016: EBON LI

The jury’s motivation: 
“This year’s Precious Talent of the Year has found her own niche thanks to excellent craftsmanship and a fashion conscious design language. She has become well received in record time by both the fashion industry and the fashion press. All the signs point towards a rapid national and international expansion.”

2015: Shieldmaid

Juryns motivering:
Med ett genuint intresse för Sveriges historia och kvinnors känsla för vackra smycken har årets vinnare hittat ett uttryck som ger både emotionell styrka och stilren modern design. Hennes starka vilja ger sig även uttryck i företagsbyggandet med långsiktiga mål och redskapen för att nå dit kursen pekar.”

2014: Skanshage Sweden

The jury said:
“An almost perfect design language which appeals to both the national and international markets. There is also a clear and consistent strategy that even includes the packaging. With its quick start and impressive strategies for all aspects of the business, combined with thoughts on sustainability and a long-term focus without being classic or boring, this talent has impressed the jury.”

2013: Ioaku

The jury said:
“This year’s winner of the Precious Talent of the Year combines a personal and powerful expression in her collection and an equally powerful commitment in her work to establish her collection and brand, not only in the jewellery business but also in the wider context of fashion and media. Many of her pieces are inspired by Nature’s objects and creatures. The might oak, the tree of knowledge, is an appropriate symbol for the ambition and the professionalism in her craft as well as the business approach of this year’s winner, Fanny Ek and IOAKU

2012: Such

The jury said:
”Cecilia Suchanek and SUCH shows an attractive combination of creative design, high quality manufacturing and a very professional approach to business making, leading to strong growth in terms of distribution coverage and sales. In other words, one could say that Cecilia has SUCH Precious Talent."