02 September 2018

AndeliusGribbe: Precious Talent of the Year 2018

Precious Talent of the Year 2018 was awarded to Karin Andelius and Linda Gribbe at AndeliusGribbe.
“The exhibition at Precious last year was especially fun! It offered a nice and inspiring venue where we could show our jewellery, tell our story, and explain why we chose to manufacture in Sweden. We also got a number of new dealers who are super important to us”, says Linda Gribbe.

During the last year, Andelius Gribbe also became a Swedish Fashion Talent 2018, appointed by the Swedish Fashion Council, and their jewellery has featured regularly in various magazine. This autumn, they release a new collection, BRINN – Ode to the Changemakers, which will inspire to change. AndeliusGribbe has just launched a collaboration with HER Global Network to create a brand new series.

The jury’s motivation:
”The 2018 Precious Talent of the Year goes to two women with incredible drive and great ambition. Their focus is on Aesthetic design and sustainable strategies throughout the production process. With integrity and courage, they invest in worthwhile and important collaborations where good working conditions are central. They share the fruits of their success, donating 10% of their profits to charities for women worldwide. By wearing jewellery from this year’s Precious Talent of the Year winner, you are contributing to helping those in need.”

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