21 August 2018

Passion for heritage at Nezumi Studios

Nezumi Studios Watches is the latest evolution of the lifestyle brand established in 2011 by Stockholm-based designer, vintage Porsche enthusiast and watch collector David Campo Cárdenes.

The Nezumi watch collection combines an uncompromising attention to detail, authentic utility and genuine passion for heritage. While paying tribute to iconic vintage pieces, the watches in the collection are by no means mere replicas and feature color combinations and impressive design details totally specific to Nezumi.

The watches are designed in Sweden and manufactured from the ground up without using any off-the-shelf parts. It is a long and costly process but it ensures that each design is truly unique. The influences of all Campo Cárdenes’ passions, from selvedge denim to classic 911s, can be seen in each piece and they have quickly built a cult following in keeping with Nezumi’s motto “Creating Bonds”, with many devotees buying more than one watch.

“We are really looking forward to Precious”, says David. “We’ve built a name for ourselves outside of Sweden and we thought it was time to share what we do on our home turf as well.”

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