28 June 2018

Precious Talents 2018: IAMELENI

The idea behind IAMELENI is that the jewellery should be easy to wear and be an accessory for every occasion. It should convey strength and enhance the wearer’s own style and expression. The founder Eleni Enedahl has a background in the service industry and also in the retail and fashion industry.

“I wanted to create something on my own, and after an intensive period in both my business and private life, I left the fashion industry to find new inspiration and be creative,” says Eleni.

It was the love of jewellery and design that led her to a silversmith course. After several courses and one year as apprentice, the natural step was to start her own brand.

IAMELENI’s pieces are made by hand, mainly in recycled silver with a focus on sustainability.
The design is stylish with unique details that give an exciting expression. There are also elements of black diamonds, emeralds and raw crystals in some of the collections. Geometric and graphic shapes, contrasts and elements of nature are reflected in the jewellery. With influences from the Mediterranean and Athens, Eleni creates timeless jewellery for both him and her.

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