09 August 2018

The Golden Nugget of the Year finalists

The creativity and quality of the year’s contributions to Aurumforum’s competition Årets Guldkorn (The Golden Nugget of the Year) is impressive. There were many unique and personal contributions and wide range of jewellery and corpus items - all with the theme The four elements. Five finalists are now nominated: Juho Heikkilä, Elise Elwin, Anton Leivo, Annelie Wihlborg and Jori Vilhunen.

The five finalists’ items are now ready for display, and the jury will make its assessment. The finalists will be presented at Precious and the winner of SEK 25,000 will be presented at Precious Gala Dinner on September 7th.

Read more about the five finalists’ contributions on Aurumforum’s website… >>

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