16 August 2018

Sif Jakobs Jewellery introduces Rainbow colours

A variety of designs in fascinating combinations adds a bold pop of colour to this season’s collection at Sif Jakobs.

“I’m looking very much forward to presenting my colourful universe to the Scandinavian audience at Precious, it’s such a fresh and inspiring collection”, says designer Sif Jakobs.

Juicy colours are highlighted as existing as well as new hero designs have been dotted with an array of coloured stones showing glistening zirconia stones that fade from green to red and yellow almost melting into each other to create an illusion of a rainbow.

Sif Jakobs has found inspiration by rainbows and the harmony of colours and in the magical associations that surrounds rainbows. Dreams do come true is one of the first things Sif Jakobs feels whenever she sees a rainbow from her kitchen window looking over the ocean.
Stunning designs such as the corte rings and simeri bangle as well as hero designs oozes of strong femininity and sweet delicacy.

One of Sif Jakobs favourite designs from the collection are the rainbow-hued zirconia hoops, Bovalino that sparkles beautifully and ends invisibly behind the ear for a seamless finish.

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